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每个人心中都有一个小秘密,我也不例外。 今天,我利用这个机会写一篇作文,把它吐出来!

这个小秘密发生在一个春天,那时天空晴朗,时不时吹来一阵温暖的微风,让你精神焕发。 那天,我从学校走回家,走到一条小路上,当我往下看时,发现在石缝里有一个圆形的东西,上面覆盖着土,像一枚小硬币。 我对钱感到很兴奋! 快跑过去,我凑近看,真的是一元硬币,心里便有了两个主意: 拿起自己的硬币花,还是交上硬币? 我想: 妈妈平时不让我去商店买零食,现在我可以买了。

我环顾四周,确保周围没有人。 我蹲下来拿钱。 我听到沙沙的声音,感觉背上有股寒意。 我猛的回头一看,原来只是风留下的痕迹,然后转身,用手去拿钱。 突然,我看到一个男人站在他的阳台上,望着远处,我马上假装系鞋带,然后蹲下,等着那个男人离开他的阳台,我又把手放在钱上,放进口袋里,我快步走进最近的商店,买了点心。

那天晚上,睡到半夜,肚子疼,我以为可能是下午买零食的问题。 但那时只能忍受痛苦,我不敢告诉我的母亲... 每次我想起这个小秘密,我会羞愧地低下头,感到羞愧后悔。

Everyone has a little secret in their heart, and I'm no exception. Today, I take advantage of this opportunity to write a composition to spit it out! That little secret happened one spring, when the sky was clear, and every now and then a warm breeze blew in to refresh you. That day, I walked home from school to a path, when I looked down, found in the crack in the stone is covered with soil of a round thing, like a small coin. I was so excited about the money! Quickly ran past, I close to look, is really a dollar coin, the mind then had two ideas: pick up the coin their own flowers, or to hand in the coin? I think: mother usually do not let me go to the store to buy snacks, now I can buy it. I looked around to make sure there was no one around me. I crouched down to reach for the dollar. I heard a rustling sound and felt a chill in my back. I mengde looked back, the original is only the wind leaves the traces, and then turned back, with his hand to the money. Suddenly, I saw a man standing on his balcony, looking at the distance, I immediately pretend to tie the shoelace before squatting down, waiting for the man out of his balcony, I again put my hand to the money, into the pocket, i walked quickly into the nearest store and bought a snack. That night, sleep into the middle of the night, stomach pain, I thought that may be the afternoon to buy a snack problem. But then only endure pain, I dare not tell my mother... every time I recall this little secret, I will be ashamed to bow his head, feel ashamed regret.

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