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人生就像坐在一列老式的火车上去一个遥远的地方,在这趟旅途中是枯燥、无聊,还是静修... ... 在这等待中记得打开自己的心扉,记得看着窗外的一棵树在风雨中成长,不要依赖怯懦,面对风雨,昂首挺胸!

“扑通扑通”等候室,只听到我的心跳,我紧紧地拉着他的披风。 ”这次钢琴比赛我准备得够充分了,不会有什么差错吧? ” 我喃喃自语,“所有在’战场’ ,担心什么! ” 想到这里,我慢慢松开手,却发现已经冷了,下一个准备好了 一个大姐姐走了进来,对我笑着说: “来吧! ” 这是一个甜美的声音,但在我的怎样加速死亡? 我合作地干笑了几声,勉强留下那张无靠的凳子。 ”我会好好表现的! 这小小的风雨经不起,是在开玩笑! ”

我暗自为自己高兴。 评委们都很严肃。 ”他们会给我鸭蛋吗? ” 我深深地吸了一口气,急促地鞠了一躬,坐到钢琴前,熟悉的黑白键盘,熟悉的乐谱,慢慢地双手放在键盘上,开始... 熟悉我耳边的旋律,节奏就像是音符的节拍,我在音乐的海洋里游泳... 啊! 我弹错音了! 一瞬间,我像一只无头苍蝇,不知所措,观众开始骚动。 ”轻点! ” 回首是评委老师,他的眼睛里充满了鼓励和期待。

”嗯! ” 我坚定地点了点头,如果这个挫折我无法克服,那该有多强! 我重新调整了状态,继续演奏... 一首歌的结尾,却发现背后的汗水浸透了。 “啪啪”舞台下的掌声,那种成功的喜悦也许只有我才能感受到!

人的一生要经历太多的风雨,但每一次的风雨都是为明天的彩虹做一个更好的铺垫! 再次向窗外望去,雨停了,树在阳光下茁壮成长。 好像在告诉我: 不经历风雨,怎么能看见彩虹?

Life is like sitting in an old-fashioned train to a distant place, in this trip is dull, boring, or retreat... in this wait to remember to open their own, remember to look out the window of a tree in the wind and rain grow, not dependent on cowardice, facing the wind and rain, stand proudly! "PLOP PLOP" waiting room, only to hear my heart beat, I tightly pulled his cape. "This piano competition I have done enough preparation, should not have any mistake? " I muttered, "all on the 'battlefield' , worry about what! " Thinking of this, I slowly let go of my hand, only to find it has been cold... ... "NEXT READY! " A big sister came in and smiled at me and said: "Come on! " It is a sweet voice, but in my how is it to hasten death? I cooperate ground dry laugh a few, leave that backless stool reluctantly. "I will play well! This little wind and rain can not withstand, is joking! " I inwardly to cheer for oneself. The judges are so serious. "Will they give me a duck's egg? " I took a deep breath as I bowed hurriedly and sat down to the piano, the familiar black and white keyboard, the familiar score, hands slowly on the keyboard began... familiar with the melody in my ear, the rhythm as if a beat of the notes, and I swim in the Sea of music... Ah! I played a wrong note! In an instant, I like a headless fly, at a loss, the audience began to stir. "PLAY DOWN! " Looking back is the judge teacher, his eyes have encouragement and expectations. "HMMM! " I firmly nodded, if this setback I can not overcome, how strong! I readjusted the state, continue to play... the end of a song, only to find that behind the sweat soaked. "PA PA" the applause under the stage, the kind of joy of success perhaps only I can feel it! People's life to experience too much wind and rain, but each time the wind and rain are for tomorrow's Rainbow to do a better foreshadowing! Looking out of the window again, the rain had stopped, and the tree was thriving in the sunshine. As if to tell me: Do not experience the wind and rain, how can see the rainbow?

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