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有很多小动物,有活泼的小松鼠,大懒熊,可爱的小白兔... 因为这里是粉红色的,所以我们给他一个美丽的名字 -- 粉红色的星光森林。 那里有郁郁葱葱的树木; 深蓝色的天空; 清新甜美的空气; 远处是一片美丽的梦幻森林。

在温暖的树洞里,小松鼠吃着自己摘的松果,享受着美好的时光; 蘑菇屋里的兔子吃着甜甜的、嘎吱嘎吱响的胡萝卜,脸上带着甜甜的微笑。 夜晚,粉红色的天空点缀着淡粉色的光点。 然而,我不知道多少年,多少代人,来到一群人砍伐树木一个接一个。

小松鼠因为家里没有洞可做,小小的星星离开了森林; 啄木鸟因为没有“工作”也飞走了; 小小的兔子没有了可爱的蘑菇屋,也伤心地离开了; 所有的小动物慢慢地从粉红星星的森林里消失了。 有一年,在一个下雨的八月,雨不喘,不到六天六夜,直到第七天黎明才停止。 但是粉色星星的森林被淹没了。 从那时起,粉色星星的森林不再像以前那样粉红,没有了温暖,进入了一个灰色的世界。



Once upon a time, there was a beautiful forest. There are a lot of small animals, there are lively little squirrels, big lazy bear, cute little white rabbit... because here is pink, so we gave him a beautiful name-pink starlight forest. There were lush trees; a deep blue sky; fresh, Sweet Air; and in the distance, a forest of dreams, so beautiful. In the warm hole of the tree, the little squirrel ate the pinecones he had picked and enjoyed the good times; the Rabbit in the mushroom house ate the sweet, crunchy carrots with a sweet smile on his face. At night, the forest is dotted with Pale pink patches of light by the pink sky. However, I do not know how many years, how many generations, came to a group of people cut down the trees one by one. Little squirrels because there is no hole to do home, little left the forest of Pink Stars; Woodpecker because there is no "work" also flew away; little rabbit did not have a lovely mushroom house, also sad to leave; All the little animals slowly disappeared from the forest of Pink Stars. One year, in a rainy August, the rain did not pant, under six days and six nights, until the seventh day of dawn to stop. But the forest of pink stars was flooded. From then on, the forest of Pink Stars is no longer pink as before, there is no warmth, into a gray world. So, we do not cut down trees, protect our homes, cherish every grass, flowers, do not trample them, do not scribble on the trees. To actively respond to Arbor Day, go together to plant small trees, let it grow into a big tree, summer good for people to enjoy the shade, to protect against sandstorms and floods.

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