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Life is an answer sheet. It has multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, true-false questions and quiz questions, but it is different from the general answer sheet. The general answer sheet is written with hands, but the answer sheet of life is written with actions.

The first question in life is a multiple choice question. When our parents gave us life to come into this world, we were faced with countless choices. When we face the perpetrators, do we choose to be righteous and stand up, or sneak away with a negative attitude of "it's none of our business"; when our classmates and friends encounter difficulties, we are Be generous, lend a helping hand, or just ignore it? When we are in conflict with others, do we hold back, or do we turn our battles into jade and silk? In life, similar choices are made one after another, and the wrong one will have a huge impact on life. Dear friends, in our life, the crossroads of life can be seen everywhere. At this time, can you find your own coordinates and make the right choice? How many points can you get on the multiple choice questions in life?

The second problem in life is filling in the blanks. Some people say that life is like a stinky bag, it is empty inside. Whether a person can achieve something depends on whether he has filled himself with enough knowledge. It makes sense. Anyone is born ignorant, so anyone who wants to make a difference must acquire knowledge from society and enrich himself. But we have to choose the right things to enrich ourselves according to our own conditions. The famous psychologist Oled was not good at learning when he was a child, and he was not familiar with physics and chemistry, but he did not force himself to learn, but chose the psychology he liked, and eventually became an excellent psychologist. In the fill-in-the-blank questions in life, we do not necessarily have to pursue high, difficult and profound knowledge, but we must fill in the knowledge that suits us. What answer did you fill in this fill-in-the-blank question?

The third question in life is a judgment question. In life, we undoubtedly have to give our own judgments to others and various social phenomena. At this time, do you put forward your own opinions with the attitude of "the world is muddy and I am alone", or do you follow what others say and go with the flow? Go with the flow, maybe you will have a good time, maybe you will gain something, stick to your own judgment and you may lose something. Do you dare to stand up for yourself at this time?

The fourth question in life is the question and answer question. When we were young, when we encountered problems in life, we could ask our parents for advice, and when we encountered problems in learning, we could ask our teachers for advice, but we will grow up eventually, and sooner or later we must learn to deal with problems independently. Can you answer the questions like ants gather and solve them freely?

On the big test paper of life, the questions seem to be simple and the answers seem to be rich and colorful, but it is far from simple to imagine a satisfactory answer. How would you answer?

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