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发表时间:2022-05-18 15:03





      “这真的就如同仙境啊!”我不禁感叹。河面上,树枝间,都是雾。远处有若隐若现的小桥,森林间有早起的鸟儿在歌唱,一切都像是大自然精心安排好的,安静,和谐,又不 乏美感。





Those of us who grew up in the South always wanted to go to the North. However, I can no longer describe the natural landscape in the north with "longing", but "intoxicated" to describe it.

     This year's Spring Festival, our family of four went to Changbai Mountain. Changbai Mountain Tianchi, virgin forests, Siberian tigers all tell the greatness of nature. But what fascinated me the most was the drifting in the demon world and the smog.

     In the early morning, a small river flows slowly by the side of Erdaobaihe Town at minus 20 degrees. On the river, there are many people sitting in rubber boats, taking pictures or admiring. We were no exception, raised the camera and pressed the shutter.

     Perhaps because of the lava underground, the river not only did not freeze, but was still emitting "light smoke". (Actually it was just water vapor) They started to rise from the river, trying to go further, but when a ray of sunlight came, the water vapor seemed to be afraid. Therefore, they decided not to go far, and stayed on the branches on both sides of the river, willing to be frozen and frozen into smog for people to enjoy.

      "This is really like a fairyland!" I couldn't help sighing. There was fog on the river and among the branches. There is a looming bridge in the distance, the early birds are singing in the forest, everything seems to be carefully arranged by nature, quiet, harmonious, and full of beauty.

     This magical realm makes us forget ourselves and only foolishly try to record it all. But in the face of such beauty, what can we do other than immerse in it and try to retain this beauty?

     Finally, the rising sun no longer hides and spreads the sun to the earth. Slowly, the mist dissipated, and the smog also melted. We are also "awakened" by indulging in the masterpieces of nature.

     Even now, I am often intoxicated by my memories of smog, drifting in the demon world, and nature.