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暑假的到来,对我来说,意味着另一件事 -- 去看比赛。

一个学期的游戏在假期里就可以满足了,我想。 嘿,嘿,只要时机合适,我就会偷偷溜进去玩,就像今天。 早饭后,为了避免父母的怀疑,我先是假装坐在桌子旁,但是心已经紧紧地依附在电脑上了。 ”哦,假期还是这么严重,哪个暑假看到你这样? ” ”我从不懈怠” 我假装看到了这种方式,口是心非的回答。 门关上了,父母离开了。 我跑了100米去找我妈藏了一学期的电脑。 在抽屉,壁橱,床底下找了一遍之后,我终于看到了那个熟悉的身影。

”终于”我咯咯笑了。 紧接着,我便沉浸在网络游戏的激烈战斗中。 一个小时,两个小时,我在虚拟世界里忘记了时间。 熟悉的开口声,就像一盆冰水落在我头上。 我的心很深,用最快的速度就会被扔到床上,并拖到窝里的角落里做作业。 写完后,我喘着气,对自己祈祷”别被看见,别被看见... ”我拿着笔惊慌失措,牙齿格格作响,双手颤抖。 等妈妈开门的时间很长,空气似乎凝固到了极致,人们窒息而死。

”你还在研究这个问题吗? ” ”不... 不” 我结结巴巴地说。 再多的表演也掩饰不了我的紧张。 “你是如此慌乱,你玩什么把戏? ” 母亲的话如一阵寒风包围了我的心。 ”不,不,不,在哪儿? 电脑不久前还在你身边... 把它拿开! 我怎么才能找到? ” 说这话的时候,我的心脏跳得更厉害了,就好像有座山压在我身上,如果我犯了错,山就会塌下来。

”然后你做你的作业,休息,我说,玩游戏是可以的” 我很震惊,也为他的母亲只是欺骗和羞愧。 我悄悄地把电脑放回原来的位置,身心轻松地回到书桌上真正开始写作业。 不知道真相的母亲疑惑地说: “你今天真是莫名其妙,写了这么长的作业,什么情况? ”

我的心慌乱了一阵子,但马上又恢复了平静,他说”这是对我的惩罚”我停止了恐慌。 我松了一口气,向窗外望去。 天空那么蓝!

The arrival of summer vacation, for me, meant another thing -- a trip to the game. A semester of games can be satisfied during the holidays, I thought. Hey, hey, whenever the time is right, I'll sneak in a game, like today. After breakfast, in order to avoid parents suspicious, I first made a pretense, pretending to sit at the desk, but the heart has been firmly attached to the computer. "Oh, holiday still so serious, which summer vacation see you like this? " "I was never slack. " I pretend to read the way, duplicitous answer. The door closes and the parents leave. I sprinted 100 meters in search of the computer my mother had spent a semester hiding. After a great search in drawers, closets, and under the bed, I finally saw the familiar figure. "At last, " I chuckled. Immediately afterward, I then immerses in the network game fierce combat. An hour, two hours... and I lost track of time in the virtual world. A familiar opening sound like a basin of ice water falling on my head. My heart deep, with the fastest speed will be thrown into the bed, and drag to nest in the corner of the homework. When I was done, I gasped and prayed to myself, "don't be seen, don't be seen... " my hands shook as I held the pen in panic, my teeth chattering. Waiting for my mother to open the door of the time is very long, the air seems to be solidified to the extreme, people suffocate. "Are you still working on the problem? " "No... No. " I stammered. No amount of acting could hide my nervousness. "You are so flustered, what tricks do you play? " Mother's words such as a gust of cold wind surrounded my heart. "No, no, no, where? The computer is not long ago by you... put it away! How can I find? " Said so against my heart, my heart beat harder, as if there was a mountain on top of me, and if I made a mistake, the mountain would collapse. "Then you do your homework, break and I said, play Games is OK. " I was shocked, but also for his mother just cheated and ashamed. I quietly put the computer back to its original position, the body and mind easily back to the desk really began to write homework. The mother who did not know the truth said doubtfully: "You are really inexplicable today, write so long homework, what situation? " My heart flustered for a while, but immediately restored calm, "This is my punishment, " he said, and I stopped panicking. I heaved a sigh of relief and looked out the window. The Sky was so blue!

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