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然而,他的心,却像汹涌的大海,久久不能平静... ... 唉,过了一天,一定更加难以忍受... ... 外面,风,猛烈地吹着,大海,咆哮着,但是,家里特别温暖。 炉子里的火在燃烧,驱走了他心中的一丝寒冷,给了他新的生活信心... 第二天,天还是黑的,只看到一个人,开着一艘渔船,这样在海中央,哦,那个渔夫... 他知道,只有抓更多的鱼,我们才能维持整个家庭。

他必须抓住生命之舟,带着它穿过海浪,以防它沉入海底... 而珊娜,另一方面,努力工作,希望减轻渔夫的负担,但她已经劳累过度。 年复一年,在她脸上留下了皱纹,证明了这一切。

但珊娜满足于看着她的七个孩子健康成长... ... 所以,随着时间的流逝,一天又一天,这对夫妇忘记了时间。 有多少次我试图把我的两个孩子送走,但是一次又一次,他们天真的眼睛露了出来,周围一片寂静... 风轻轻地把门吹开,渔夫一言不发地走了进来。 今天,珊娜知道,一定什么也没有,但她不知道如何安慰渔夫,不得不低下头做他的事情... “唉! ” 渔夫叹了口气,“这怎么能活下去? ” 珊娜沉默了。

”哦,我不知道,但我们会熬过去的! ” 传来了令人毛骨悚然的海浪声,渔夫静静地坐在一个黑暗的角落里,珊娜什么也没说。 .

The fisherman went to the bed, looked at the two children sleep peacefully face, pleased smile. However, his heart, but like the rough sea, for a long time can not be calm... alas, after the day, must be more difficult to endure... outside, the wind, strongly blowing, the sea, roaring, but, home is particularly warm. The fire in the stove, burning, drove away a trace of cold in his heart and gave him a new confidence in life... the next day, it was still dark, only to see a man, driving a fishing boat, so that the middle of the sea, Oh, the fisherman... he knew, only by catching more fish can we sustain the whole family. He must take hold of the boat of life, and carry it through the waves to keep it from sinking to the bottom... and Sanna, on the other hand, works hard, hoping to lighten the fisherman's burden a little, but she is tired with overwork. Years, in her face, left a wrinkle, to prove it all. But Sanna was content to watch her seven children grow up healthy and healthy... and so, as the years went by, day by day, the couple lost track of time. How many times have I tried to send my two children away, but time and time again, their innocent eyes came out, and there was silence... The wind, gently, blew the door open, and the fisherman came in without a word. Today, Sanna knew, must be nothing, but she did not know how to comfort the fisherman, had to bow his head to do his thing... "Alas! " The fisherman sighed, "how can this live? " Sanna was silent. "Oh, I don't know, but we'll get through it! " came the eerie sound of the ocean, the fisherman sitting quietly in a dark corner, and Sanna saying nothing..

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