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其中一只小猪非常活跃,他每天都精力充沛,跑来跑去也不觉得累。 但是他不仅在白天精神很好,而且在晚上精神也很好,整个镇子的人都睡着了,他一点也不困。

所以他每晚都熬夜。 他起来干什么? 他可以整晚看卡通,整晚读课外书,整晚玩玩具... 总之,除了睡觉,他还会做很多事情。 他不困吗? 他不困。 他觉得自己睡不着。 山羊的婆婆总是提醒他早睡早起。 但他总是说: “奶奶山羊,我很好,我不睡觉身体是罚款。” 还边说边摸着自己的肚子,给奶奶看他圆圆的肚子。

就这样持续了一段时间。 有一天他照镜子,吓了他一跳,镜子里的猪,黑眼圈,脸上已经失去了很多圈,看起来很可怕。 他急忙走出去,“奶奶山羊,奶奶山羊,看着我” 山羊奶奶戴上老花镜,看着我说,“小猪,你看你熬了一整夜的黑眼圈,你看你整个人都干瘪了,没有猪的样子。” 猪听到了,嚎叫,嚎叫”我该怎么办,我会死吗? ” 老山羊摸了摸猪头,说: “你今天要早起,早睡早起,正常运动,吃有营养的食物。

如果你坚持一段时间,你会好起来的” 听到这话,小猪擦了擦眼睛,小猪点点头说: “山羊奶奶,我得早点睡觉,早点起床。” 从那时起,小猪每天晚上九点上床睡觉,每天早上七点起床。 他每天都要跑步,做其他运动。 由于运动耗尽了他的精力,他不再觉得自己晚上无法入睡。 相反,他每天都睡得很香。 他感觉好多了。


One of the piglets is very active, he is very energetic every day, running around does not feel tired. But he was not only in good spirits during the day, he was still in good spirits at night, and the whole town was asleep, and he was not at all sleepy. So, he stays up late every night. So what's he doing up? He can watch cartoons all night, read after school books all night, play with toys all night... in short, he will do a lot of things besides sleep. So He's not sleepy? He's not sleepy. He thinks he's too fit to sleep. The Goat's mother-in-law always reminds him to go to bed early and get up early. But he always said: "Grandma goat, I am fine, I do not sleep body is fine. " Also said while touching his belly, to show the grandmother goat that his round belly. And so it went on for a while. One day he looked in the mirror, scared him a jump, the mirror of the pig, black eye circles, face has lost a lot of circles, looking very scary. He hurried out, "granny goat, Granny Goat, look at me. " Granny goat put on her reading glasses and looked at me, "Pig, you see you stay up all night out of the black eye, you see your whole person is shriveled, do not have the appearance of a pig. " Pig heard, wail, wail, "What should I do, am I going to die? " The old goat touched the pig's head and said, "you should get up early today, go to bed early and get up early, exercise normally, and eat nutritious food. If you persist for a while, you will be fine. " After hearing this, the pig wiped his eyes, the little pig nodded his head and said, "grandma goat, I must go to bed early and get up early. " From then on, the little pig went to bed at nine o'clock every night and got up at seven o'clock every morning. He had to run and do other sports every day. As exercise consumed his energy, he no longer felt that he could not sleep at night. Instead, he slept soundly every day. He felt better all over. After a period of time, he looked in the mirror again, black eye disappeared, also not dried up, that white fat, energetic pig back

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