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发表时间:2020-06-26 20:26

你见过未来的鞋子吗? 我肯定你们还没见过面,所以我来告诉你吧。

未来的鞋子可以改变四季奇谭的颜色。 例如: 春天,它会变成我最喜欢的粉红色,既美丽又舒适; 夏天,它会变成翠绿色,可以保持鞋子凉爽; 秋天,它会变成黄色,让人感觉很舒服; 冬天,它会变成火红色,让人感觉温暖。 未来的鞋子可以给脚部按摩,只要点击控制器“按摩”这个按钮,就可以了。 通过它的按摩,我可以消除一天的疲劳。

它也可以跑起来,只要把鞋子放在“跑起来”的按钮上就可以随意调节,也可以调节到比飞机的速度快,也可以调节到比乌龟的速度慢。 就算你背著一个又胖又胖的孩子,也改变不了你的速度。 你可以从麻城一路跑到麻城而不会累。 只会越来越容易。 它还告诉你去哪里,如果一个人迷路了,而且没有指南针,这双鞋就会变出一张地图,告诉他去哪里。 它能做很多事情! 这就是为什么人们喜欢它。 你喜欢吗? 我想你也喜欢! 那你还在等什么? 过来买啊! 你一定担心它太贵了!

没关系。 只要99块。 这是最实用的鞋子。 我不会告诉别人的。 这种鞋为大家消除了许多许多麻烦,为大家提供了方便。 这是一个高科技产品,很多人想买它不能买它!

来到未来吧! 让我告诉你更多的高科技产品! 我会睁开你的眼睛,让你大饱眼福!

Have you seen the shoes of the future? I'm sure you haven't met, so why don't I tell you about it. Shoes of the future will be able to change colors in different seasons. For example: in Spring, it will become my favorite pink, which is both beautiful and comfortable; in summer, it will become Emerald Green, which can keep the shoes cool; in autumn, it will become yellow, which makes people feel very comfortable; in winter, it will become fiery red, it makes you feel warm in it. The shoe of the future can give a foot massage, just click on the controller "massage" this button, it is OK. Through its massage, I can eliminate the fatigue of the day. It can also run-up, as long as the shoes on the "run-up" button on the one can be adjusted at will, but also can be adjusted to faster than the speed of the aircraft, but also can be adjusted to slower than the speed of the turtle. Even with a fat, fat kid on your back, it doesn't change your speed. You can run all the way from Macheng to Macheng without getting tired. It just gets easier. It also tells you where to go, and if a person gets lost and doesn't have a compass, the shoes conjure up a map that tells him where to go. It can do a lot of things! That's why people love it. Do you like it? I think you like it too! Then what are you waiting for? Come and buy! You must be worried it's too expensive! It's okay. It's only ninety-nine bucks. These are the most practical shoes. I don't tell people that. This kind of shoe has eliminated many, many troubles for everybody, has provided the convenience for everybody. It is a high-tech product, many people want to buy it can not buy it! COME TO THE FUTURE! Let me tell you a few more high-tech products! I'll open your eyes and feast your eyes!

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