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在我的脑海里,好像今天有什么事要做... 果然,我妈妈很快走进我的房间,和蔼地说: “燕燕,去看看奶奶,她一整天都在谈论你! ” 看着她母亲充满期待的表情,我不情愿地从嘴里挤出一个低沉的声音: 嗯。 13岁,一个盛开的年龄,像一只迷途的鹿,徘徊在人生的十字路口,怎么有心情看老人唠叨,随着时间的推移,它是无聊的。

他摇摇晃晃地走出房子,不知道以后怎样才能赶上她,怎样处理她那无聊的谈话。 走在嘈杂的街道上,好像这一切都与我无关,好像我在这里是为了”其他人”打这个电话。 脚步声此刻停止了,在一个五六岁的小女孩和一位善良的老太太面前。 小女孩像个被宠坏的孩子: 奶奶,我的脚受伤了,你背我走!

老妇人笑着说,“你这个小淘气! ” 说着,她用胳膊搂住小女孩的背,一步一步地向前走。 他们的脸贴在一起,幸福充满了巷子。 太阳似乎也在眷顾着奶奶和孙子,试图散发出耀眼的光芒,仿佛小女孩和奶奶在太阳的光环下诠释着爱情的真谛! 突然醒来,很久很久以前,我的祖母用同样的姿势传递着这份特殊的爱! 而现在,我抱着一颗不情愿的心,去看她的老爸! 无数的忏悔。 内疚涌上心头。


忏悔。 内疚变成了感激,当我大步走向阳关的奶奶家时,我知道了爱的真谛。 希望还不算太晚!

In the morning, open hazy eyes, see the sunlight outside the window hit the glass, show a kind of confused beauty. In my mind, as if I had something to do today... sure enough, my mother soon came into my room and said kindly: "Yan Yan Yan, go see grandma, she has been talking about you all day! " Looking at her mother's look of anticipation, i reluctantly squeezed a deep voice out of my mouth: HMM. 13 years old, a blooming age, like a confused deer, wandering in the crossroads of life, how to have the mood to see the old man nagging, as time goes by, it is boring. He waddled out of the house, wondering how he was going to catch up with her later, how he was going to deal with her tiresome talk. Walk through the noisy streets, as if all this has nothing to do with me, as if here I am to "others" this call. The footsteps stopped at this moment, in front of a little girl of about five or six years old and a kind old lady. Little Girl Act like a spoiled child: Grandma, my feet go hurt, you carry me go! The old woman smiled and said, "YOU LITTLE RASCAL! " And with that she put her arm around the little girl's back and laboured her way forward step by step. Their faces were close together, and happiness filled the alley. The Sun also seems to favor the grandma and grandson, trying to shed a dazzling light, as if the little girl and her grandmother in the sun in the halo of the interpretation of the true meaning of love! Suddenly wake up, once upon a time, my grandmother with the same posture to pass this special love! And now, I was holding a very reluctant heart to see her old man! Countless Confessions. Guilt welled up in me. At this time, the sun is still brilliant, shine through my heart Fei, whisk away that trace of dust, become pure. Repent. Guilt turned to gratitude, and as I strode toward my grandmother's house toward Yangguan, I knew the true meaning of love. I hope it's not too late!

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