父亲 中考满分作文

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那是一个傍晚,当时我还是个孩子,我父亲还没有进屋,就喊道: “来吧,我的女儿,爸爸带你去散步” 我高兴地冲出房子,一辆崭新的自行车引起了我的注意。 我跳上汽车座椅,让我爸开车带我在街上兜风。 从那以后,每天晚上,我爸爸都会带着梅梅舔糖葫芦我,让风吹我的头发,在我爸爸的背上,闻到他身上散发出的善良的味道,那种感觉就是幸福。 我哼着一首歌,在风中挥舞着我的双手,渴望着风,日落,更渴望着我父亲的回归。 随着时间的推移,我不知道什么时候我不希望我的父亲骑我的自行车,我爱的自行车已逐渐褪色,甚至有些厌恶。

所以,自行车会孤独地蜷缩在角落里,沉睡很长时间。 直到有一天,我不小心又看到了那辆自行车。 我走过去摸那辆生锈的车身,我不知道是什么打动了我的心,我父亲回到了我童年的场景,那么善良。 我很想让我父亲再开车送我一次。 我对我爸爸说”爸爸,你可以再让我骑你的自行车” 我父亲惊呆了,然后又惊讶。 ”来吧,我的女儿,爸爸带你去散步” 就像我小时候一样清楚明白。

我上了车,我父亲弯腰用力踩着脚踏板。 我听到父亲急促的呼吸,看到他银白色的头发上落下汗水,我的心不禁感到一丝悲伤,我的手紧紧地搂着他的腰,我的脸轻轻地贴在他的背上,感受着他的体温,当我闻到他熟悉而友好的气味时,一种温暖的感觉进入了我的心。 我咯咯地笑着,强忍着眼中的泪水。 那天,我真的明白了父亲的爱。 苍山并不老,而是老面孔的父亲; 长溪,也失去了父亲的无价岁月。

但我父亲用他的爱温暖了我的生命。 看到我父亲骑着他的自行车,将是我一生中最美好的回忆。

Life is like a colorful landscape corridor, many scenes such as passing clouds, in my mind, only my father riding a bicycle to drive my scene lingering, become my cordial miss. It was an early evening when I was a child, and my father had not yet entered the house when he shouted: "Come, my daughter, daddy will take you for a walk. " I rushed out of the house happily, a brand-new bicycle caught my eye. I jumped into the car seat and let my father drive me around the streets. After that, every evening, my father carried mei-mei Lick Sugar Gourd I, let the wind blow my hair, in my father's back, smell his body exudes the taste of kindness, the feeling is happiness. I hummed a song, waving my hands in the wind, lusting for the wind, the sunset, more lusting for my father's back. With the passage of time, I do not know when I do not want my father to ride my bike, I love that bike has gradually faded, even some loathing. So, the bicycle will be lonely curled up in the corner, asleep for a long time. Until one day, I accidentally saw the bike again. I walked over to touch the rusty body of the car, I do not know what touched my heart, my father came back to the scene of my childhood, so kind. I felt the urge to ask my father to drive me again. I said to my father, "Dad, you can give me a ride on your bike again. " My father was stunned and then surprised. "Ok, come, my daughter, Daddy will take you for a walk. " It was as clear and clear as when I was a child. I got in the car, and my father bent over and pedaled hard. I heard my father's rapid breathing, saw the sweat fall from his silvery white hair, my heart can not help but feel a little bit of sorrow, my hands tightly around his waist, my face gently on his back, feel his body temperature, a warm feeling came into my heart as I smelled his familiar and friendly smell. I chuckled, fighting back the tears that were about to fall from my eyes. That day, I really understand the father's love. Cangshan is not old, but the old face of his father; long stream, but also lost his father's priceless years. But my father warmed my life with his love. The sight of my father riding me on his bicycle will be the fondest memory of my life.

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