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多么美好的生活啊! 未来才刚刚开始,春天不是16岁的秧苗,春天不是沃野上的秧苗吗? 父亲的眼睛是明亮的春天,母亲的心灵是肥沃的田野。 可以进入第三天的关键时刻,我甚至在模拟重复的错误是无效的。 老师叹了口气,同学不屑一顾,我终于低下了三年来最高的头。 但是爸爸的脸上总是挂着自信的微笑。 爱的眼睛不像春风。

正是这种憧憬鼓起了我向上的帆,帮助我昂起了不屈不挠的头。 在餐桌上,我成绩下降,并没有削弱我母亲的厨艺。 更多样化,食物更美味,没有胃口我只好张开嘴狼吞虎咽,不管怎样考虑减肥。 通过这种方式,我继续鼓足勇气迎接学术挑战。 人生路上的风暴不仅是父亲的宽容,母亲的关怀,更是浓密的乌云。

成长的道路需要自己一步步地真正走下去。 学习生活很匆忙,早上六点起床,朗朗的书上完四节课后就响了。 休息过后四点,晚上有个自习室。 事实上,一切都是相互联系,相互关联的,几乎没有休息,甚至连等待我们去克服的大量练习都没有。 在这场风暴中,海燕用它们强有力的翅膀拍打着天空,海鸥在石块后面颤抖,学生们在这场风暴中茁壮成长,长成参天大树。 是啊,没有风雨你就看不到彩虹! 等着给我们的学生看报纸的图片,生活就是一张白纸。

它需要我们添加一个漂亮的房子,绿色的草,红色的花。 语文老师在这张空白的试卷上用他的精彩语言描述了北京大学的伟大精神。 数学老师用他严谨的逻辑推导出水木清华,外语老师用他近乎地道的“外国口音”介绍了牛津、哈佛的民主和自由... ... 其实,生活依靠自己的经验,依靠自己的创造,白皮书依靠自己来描述。 那就让我们在风暴中看到彩虹,为未来描绘一幅美丽的图画。

春天,田野肥沃,春天的秧苗茁壮成长; 风大雨大,同学们渐渐长成一棵大树; 清澈明亮的湖心,彩虹正在升起。 这就是学生的生活。

In the melting spring light, on the fertile field, the vigorous seedling breaks through the soil, overlooks here, overlooks there. What a wonderful life! The future has just begun... is not the spring of the 16-year-old seedlings on the fertile fields of spring is not the seedlings? Father's eyes are bright spring, Mother's mind is fertile fields. Can enter the third day of the critical moment, I was even ineffectual in the simulation of repeated mistakes. The teacher sighs, the schoolmate disdains, I finally lowered the high high three year's head. But Dad always had a confident smile on his face. The eyes of love are not like the spring breeze. It is this vision to drum up my upward sails, to help me raise the head of the indomitable. At the dinner table, my mother's kitchen skills were not diminished by my declining grades. More variety, food is more delicious, no appetite I had to open my mouth wolfed down, regardless of what to consider weight loss. In this way, I continue to muster the courage to meet academic challenges. Road life in the storm is not only a father's tolerance, mother's care, more is densely covered with dark clouds. The road of growth needs oneself step by step true walk. Study life is in a hurry, get up at six in the morning, Lang Lang's book after the sound of four full classes. It's four after the break, and there's a study hall in the evening. Really everything is connected, interlocked, almost no rest, not even that the mountain of exercises waiting for us to overcome. In this storm, petrels beat the sky with their powerful wings, seagulls shiver behind blockstones, and students thrive in this storm and grow into towering trees. Yeah, you can't see the Rainbow Without wind and rain! Waiting for the picture of the paper for our students, life is a white paper. It needs us to add a beautiful house, green grass, red flowers. The Chinese teacher used his wonderful words to describe the great spirit of Peking University on this blank paper. The math teacher used his rigorous logic to deduce Shuimu Qinghua, foreign Language teacher with his almost authentic "foreign accent" introduced Oxford, Harvard's democracy and freedom... in fact, life depends on their own experience, rely on their own creation, the white paper to rely on our own to describe. Then let us see the rainbow through the storm and paint a beautiful picture of the future. In the spring, fertile fields, spring seedlings thrive; the wind, heavy rain, students gradually into a tree; clear and bright lake of the heart, the rainbow is rising. This is the life of a student.

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