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起来吧,不愿做奴隶的你们,把我们的血肉建成我们的新长城... ”每当我站在飘扬的国旗下,

怀着伟大的感情聆听这悲壮的国歌时,我不禁对自己说: 在九百万六十万公里的美丽山川的天空中,必须传播这个时代的歌曲,这首永不改变的歌曲-国歌。

的确,国歌不只是一首歌,它是一首革命之歌,一首战斗之歌,是千百万人的歌,也是我心中的歌。 从学校开始,老师就教我们唱国歌,告诉我们国歌的起源,那么就有一种说不出的感觉。 当国歌在耳边响起,一种自豪感就会产生,这就是为什么? 因为这是我心中的歌。 当我遇到困难时,我会记得国歌,因为我能理解它,它告诉我: 长城的祖先需要我们的后代坚持而不是放弃,他们用血肉为“是无畏的人民,需要后代激励,前进,而不是停止,他们留下了努力工作的勇气,需要后代继承和发扬。 ”起来,起来,起来! ”

是炎黄子孙的呐喊,他们拒绝被羞辱。 它号召人们起来反抗压迫,为光明而战。 在实现民族团结和解放的过程中,先民们付出了很多,他们只有鼓励的精神,一种抵抗的精神,历史可以证明这一点: 中国爆发了太平天国起义和义和团运动,最终,孙中山领导的辛亥革命推翻了清朝,但是中国仍然没有改变半殖民地的地位,新中国的解放受到阻碍,但是一个“我们团结起来”唤醒了中国人民,他们充满了精神,抵抗民族解放到底。 ”前进,前进,前进,前进” 这个呼吁不断提醒我们前进的必要性: 十月革命后,中国共产党把马克思主义与中国的基本国情结合起来,走上了社会主义道路,给一个濒临衰落的古老文明注入了新的生命。

与此同时,随着改革开放的步伐,使中国面向世界。 去年,在奥运会期间,当中国国旗在体育场升起,国歌上演奏时,骄傲和自豪无法用语言来形容,因为它敦促运动员前进。 金融危机在美国爆发后,中国向美国“注资”了200亿元人民币,购买了大量美国国债! 国歌是一代人的奋斗; 是一代人的声音; 是一代人的荣耀。 为了铭记在每一个中国人的心中,让中国这片土地上千万人民心中共同的声音震惊了世界。

国歌不仅是一首民族歌曲,也是我心中的一首歌。 ”每个声音都源于心灵”

Arise, Ye who would not be slaves, build our flesh and blood into our new Great Wall... "whenever I stand under the fluttering national flag and listen to this solemn and stirring national anthem with great feeling, I can not help but think to myself: in the sky of nine million, six hundred thousand kilometers of beautiful mountains and rivers, must be spreading out the songs of this era, this never-changing song-the national anthem. Indeed, the national anthem is not just a song, it is a revolutionary song, a battle Song, is the song of millions of people, is also the song of my heart. Since school, the teacher will teach to sing the national anthem, and to tell us the origin of the national anthem, then there is an indescribable feeling. When the national anthem sounded in the ear, a sense of pride will arise, this is why? Because it's the song in my heart. When I encounter difficulties, I will remember the national anthem, because I can understand it to me, it tells me: The ancestors of the Great Wall made of blood, need our posterity to hold on rather than abandon; they use the flesh and blood for 'is a fearless people, need posterity to inspire, advance, rather than stop; they left the kind of courage to work hard, need posterity to inherit and carry it forward. "Get up, get up, get up! " was the cry of the Descendants of Yan and Huang, who refused to be humiliated. It called on people to rise up against oppression and fight for the light. In the process of achieving national unity and liberation, the ancestors paid a lot, they have only the spirit of encouragement, a spirit of resistance, history can prove this: China has erupted Taiping Rebellion and Boxer Rebellion, finally, Sun Yat-sen led the 1911 Revolution overthrew the Qing Dynasty, but China still did not change the status of the Semi-colony, the liberation of new China was blocked, but a "we are united" to wake up the Chinese people, they are full of spirit, to resist the liberation of the nation to the end. "advance, advance, advance, advance! " The call was a constant reminder of the need to move forward: After the October Revolution, the Communist Party of China Combined Marxism with China's basic national conditions and took the socialist road, giving new life to an ancient civilization on the verge of decline. At the same time, with the pace of reform and opening up, making China facing the world. Last year, during the Olympics, when the Chinese flag was raised in the stadium and the national anthem played, there was no words for pride or pride, as it urged the athletes forward. After the financial crisis broke out in the United States, China "funded" 20 billion yuan to the United States and bought a large number of US treasury bonds! The national anthem is the struggle of generations; the Voice of Generations; the glory of generations. In order to remember in the heart of every Chinese people, so that the land of China millions of people in the hearts of the common voice shocked the world. The national anthem is not only a national song, but also a song in my heart. "every sound begins with the heart. " -- postscript

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