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这是现代青少年相处的最好方式吗? 伸出你的手,我的朋友! 人人为我,我为人人。 生命的真正价值首先在于对社会的奉献。 “老我老,老我老”是我们国家一代一代传下来的美德。 当范仲淹哀叹岳阳楼下的情况时,杜甫乐于助人的态度,已经转变为对国家和人民的关心。 难怪人们总是赞美这条金科玉律。

”希望工程”海报上的那个小女孩,她深邃的眼睛里充满了失望。 Kong fansen 的两个孤儿要去哪里寻找他们的家? 帕米尔山上谁会保卫我们的国家? 忘了社会保障和国际援助法吧。 那些“悄悄离开”的人啊,你们怎么安定下来生活? 用我们的心换取你的一点真情,这个世界充满了爱。 我的朋友,真诚的给予! 虔诚可以使你带着一颗心来到这里,没有一片草叶; 虔诚可以使你谦卑,永远不会忘记你的祖国; 虔诚可以使你变成一棵树,云彩是一首歌,风是一步,阴影是真爱的祝福; 虔诚也可以使你把人们放在心里,而不是一些琐碎的、琐碎的快乐。

当你给予每个人的时候,要以乐于助人为准则,别人不会在你面前悄悄地摆脱困难。 奉献,乘着绿色的春风,一路传播到硕果累累的花朵上,从南北十赞到天上飞翔的鸽子,从紫荆花,祖国,在奉献中将千代万代的花果芬芳! 我听到老人说”我是中国人民的儿子,我深爱我的祖国和人民” 他为了他身下的热土献出了自己的生命。 我说: “我也是中国人民的儿子,我赞美奉献的精神,我要保持奉献的满干坤! ” !

没有人“悄悄离开” ,你的心里就会充满爱,奉献的彩虹就会映出蓝天!

Most appreciate the "helpful" quality, but when others need to ask you for help, but to "quietly away. Is this the best way for modern teenagers to get along? Hold out your hand, my friend! All for one and one for all. The true value of life lies first and foremost in dedication to society. "Old my old man, and the old man" is a virtue passed down from generation to generation in our nation. As Fan Zhongyan bemoaned the situation downstairs in Yueyang, Du Fu's willingness to help others had been transformed into a concern for the country and the people. It is no wonder that people always praise this golden rule. The little girl in the "Project Hope" poster, her deep eyes will be filled with disappointment. Where Will Kong FANSEN's two orphans go to find their home? Who on the Pamir Mountains will defend our country? Forget Social Security and international aid laws. Those who "walk away quietly" ah, how do you settle down to live? With our hearts for a piece of your true feelings, the world is full of love. My friend, give in good faith! Devotion can make you come with a heart, without a blade of grass; it can make you humble and never forget your country; it can make you into a tree, with clouds as a song and the wind as a step, and with shade as a blessing of true love; it can also make you bear the people in your heart, and not some petty, petty pleasure. When you give for everyone, to be willing to help others as the norm, others will not be in front of your difficulties quietly away. Dedication, take the green spring breeze, spread all the way to the fruitful flowers, from the north and south of Ten-zan to the Sky Flying Pigeons, from the bauhinia flower, the motherland, in the dedication of children will be thousands of generations of flowers and fruits fragrance! I heard the old man say, "I am the son of the Chinese people, and I love my motherland and the people deeply. " He gave his life for the hot soil under his body. I said: "I am also the son of the Chinese people, I praise the spirit of dedication, I would like to stay dedicated man Gan Kun! "! No one "quietly away" , your heart will be full of love, dedication of the rainbow will reflect the blue sky!

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