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我从小学转到初中六年级。 从旧的学校到新的学校,遇到了一些新的学生,我喜欢这个新的集体,因为我有很多新的集体,在这个新的收获。

在这个新的班级里,我和所有的学生都有很好的关系,所以我可以在以后的学习中问他们更多的问题,我们可以在无聊的时候一起玩。 在新的班级里,我和老师走得很近,所以当我在学习上遇到困难时,老师可以帮助我,让我的学习达到目标,如果我和老师走得更近,也许老师可以让我在下学期当组长,这是我对新学期的愿望!

在新的课堂上,我改变了以前不好好学习,课堂上没有书本,不听课等问题,在知识海洋里。 当然,我也改掉了在新团体里游手好闲的习惯。 最重要的是我从玩到玩的学习热情提高了我的学习成绩,从低水平提高到中等水平,学习成绩有了明显的提高。 学校就像一个家庭,老师就像父母,学生就像我的兄弟姐妹,书就像饭菜,笔就像刀叉... ... 父母和兄弟姐妹帮助我度过难关,我不能没有食物吃饭,“刀叉”是用来分享一些难题的!

在新的团队里我有一个新的目标: 超越以前的我,每一天都比昨天更好!

值得“父母”的刻苦训练! 我爱我的新班级,我爱我的老师,我的兄弟姐妹!

I transferred from primary school to the sixth grade in junior middle school. From the old school to a new school, met some new students, I love this new collective, because I have a lot of new collective in this new harvest. In this new class, I have a good relationship with all the students, so that I can ask them more questions in the future study, we can play together when bored. In the new class, I got close to the teacher, so that when I had difficulty in my study, the teacher could give me a hand and let my study Living Up, if I got closer to the teacher, perhaps the teacher can let me in the next semester when a group leader, this is my wish for the new term! In the new class, I changed before do not study well, class without books, do not listen to class and other problems, in the knowledge of the sea. Of course, I also got rid of the loafing habit in the new group. The most important thing is that my love of study from playing to playing has improved my academic performance from the lower level to the middle level, there has been a marked improvement in study. School is like a family, teachers are like parents, students are like my brothers and sisters, books are like meals, writing pens are like knives and forks... , parents and brothers and sisters help me to tide over the difficulties, I can not have a meal without food, "Knife and fork" is used to share some difficult problems! In the new group I have a new goal: to surpass the previous me, every day better than yesterday! Worthy of the "parents" of hard training! I love my new class, I love my teachers and my brothers and sisters!

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