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爸爸有一双大手,强壮而温暖; 我有一双小手,虚弱但敏感。 当我还是个孩子的时候,我父亲的大手总是牵着我的小手走路。

大手指向哪里,小手就跟到哪里。 在超市的收银台前,大手从长长的队伍中挪开,插到队伍前面,小手也拨通了电话; 在十字路口,斑马线对面的行人绿灯还没亮,大手抓住小手,径直冲过去,小手只好跟着; 在公园的湖边,大手把用过的冰淇淋棒扔进湖里,小手跟着,棍子在空中弄得很难看... ... 但是有一天,小手勇敢地放开了大手。

小手从老师那里知道: 手是用来创造文明和美丽的,不是用来毁灭的! 小手也告诉了大手的真相,大手羞愧地垂下来。 这次,小手主动加入了大手。 在收银机前,他们手指交叉排队等候,在地上,他们抓起果皮扔进垃圾箱,在罗源县的大街上,大手和小手相握,


Dad had big hands, strong and warm; I had small hands, weak but sensitive. When I was a child, my father's big hand always took my small hand and walked with it. Wherever the big hand pointed, the small hand followed. In front of the checkout counter in the supermarket, big hands moved away from the long line of people and cut in front of the line, small hands also dialed and dialed; at the intersection, the pedestrian green light on the opposite side of the Zebra crossing had not yet come on, big hands grabbed small hands and rushed straight past, the little hand had to follow; at the Lake in the park, the big hand swished the spent ice-cream stick into the lake, the little hand followed, and the stick made an ugly arc in the air... but one day, the little hand bravely let go of the big hand. Little hand from the teacher know: the hand is to create civilization and beauty, not to destroy! The small hand also told the truth of the big hand, the big hand ashamed to hang down. This time, the small hand took the initiative to join the big hand. In front of the cash register, they waited in line with their fingers interlocked; on the ground, they snatched up the peel and threw it into the dustbin; on the street in Luoyuan County, big hands and small hands held each other... ever since, big hands and small hands, civilization and love go hand in hand!

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