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发表时间:2020-06-28 16:07

嘿,伙计们,你们想赚点钱吗? 如果你愿意,可以看看我的财务计划!

经过多年的思考,我终于想出了以下理财小贴士: 第一,每逢新年,大人们,长辈们总会给我们一些压岁钱。 我们可以去银行开一个自己的账户,把新年的钱收进自己的账户,直到需要提款。 把钱存在银行里,这样就不会被偷了,你每年都能赚到一定的利息。 那不是一石二鸟吗? 第二,我们应该勤俭持家。

我们不应该浪费金钱,但我们也不应该太吝啬。 我们应该在该花钱的时候花钱,而不是该花钱的时候。 这样的话,当你盘点自己的小猪储蓄罐时,你会突然发现你的小猪储蓄罐里有更多的钱。 第三,如果我们有时间,我们可以帮爸爸妈妈做一些事情,做一些工作赚一些钱。 有时我们也可以写更多的论文,然后提交给公众。

如果我们能出版它们,可能会有贡献费,但足够出版了,如果你拿不到钱也没关系。 同学们,我的理财计划可能有些漏洞,有些不足,但我真诚地希望你们能读懂我的理财计划,成为一个小百万富翁。

Hey, guys, you WAN NA make some money? Read my financial plan if you want to! After years of thinking, I finally came up with the following financial tips: First, whenever the New Year, adults, elders will always give us some lucky money. We can go to the bank to open an account of their own, the New Year's money received into their own accounts, until the need to withdraw. Keep your money in the bank, so it won't be stolen, and you'll earn a certain amount of interest each year. Wouldn't that kill two birds with one stone? Second, we should be diligent and frugal in our daily life. We should not spend money lavishly, but we should not be too stingy either. We should spend money when we should and not when we should. That way, when you're doing an inventory of your own piggy bank, you'll suddenly find yourself with more money in your piggy bank. Third, if we have time, we can help mom and dad to do some things, do some work to earn some money. Sometimes we can also write more essays and submit them to the public. If we can publish them, there may be a contribution fee, but it's good enough to get published, and it doesn't matter if you don't get paid. Students, there may be some holes in my financial plan, some deficiencies, but I sincerely hope that you read my financial plan can become a small millionaire.

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