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如果有一天,我变成了一棵小草... 我不像牡丹那样高贵,那样艳丽; 没有茉莉那样清新,那样优雅; 没有梅花那样凌寒,那样不害怕; 没有松树那样高大,那样碧波荡漾... 我是渺小的,也是脆弱的,微不足道的。

但我不是普通人! 在大雪下的冬天,许多花朵都枯萎了,只有“凌寒独开” ,雪梅在寒风中,散发出阵阵清香。 我在土壤里,把我的根扎到更深的地方,试图吸收大地的养分,我梦想着外面的世界,只要春风一吹,他们就迫不及待地冲出大地。 当第一场连绵的春雨降临时,春风轻轻地吹拂着,我冲出泥土,露出我的小脑袋,用好奇的目光仔细地看着这个五彩缤纷的世界。 几天后,我和我的小朋友们为大地母亲,穿上了一件新鲜的绿色衣服。 闪电划破了宁静的夏夜,随之而来的是倾盆大雨。

雨哗啦啦地下了。 不久之后,河水迅速上涨,冲上了河岸。 我和我的小朋友们用地下根系编织成一张大网,来保护人类的安全。 挣扎着穿过无情的雨水冲刷着我们,在雨后疲惫地垂下了头。 太阳公公看到我们无精打采,静静地把太阳放在大地上,受到太阳的滋润后,我们高高地站了起来。 稻米变成了金黄色,微风吹拂,麦浪翻滚,大雁飞翔,大雁发出了声音。 这个时候我已经没有原来的生命力了,我变黄了,变干了。 但我不能就这么死了。 我需要给种子补充更多营养。

风一吹,我就飞了起来。 风把我带到了祖国的南方和北方,期待着明年可以让大地母亲变得更加绿色。 对我来说,这是非凡的。 我们,没有美丽的外表,没有迷人的芬芳,但我们有一颗坚强而宽容的心,在我们的人生道路上,会有风暴的蹂躏,会面对各种困难和挫折,但我们会积极地面对它,不会逃避。 把克服困难当作生活的乐趣,把悲愤化为力量。

用这种力量展现你非凡的一面! 让我们以积极乐观的态度面对每一天,会变得更加坚强,更加坚强,成为一个非凡的人!

If one day, I become a grass... I do not peony as Noble, gorgeous; no Jasmine as fresh, elegant; no plum as Ling Han, not afraid; There is no pine so tall, great shore... I am small, but also weak, insignificant. But I am not ordinary! In the heavy snow under the winter, many flowers are withered, only "Ling Han opened alone, " the snow plum in the cold wind, emitting bursts of fragrance. And I am in the soil, put my roots to a deeper place to go, trying to absorb the nutrition of the earth, I dream of the outside world, as long as the spring breeze blows, they can not wait to rush out of the earth. When the first continuous spring rain falls, the spring breeze blowing gently, I rushed out of the soil, exposed my small head, with a curious eye carefully looked at this colorful world. A few days later, my little friends and I put on a fresh green dress for mother earth. Lightning flashed through the otherwise peaceful summer night, followed by a downpour. The Rain clattered down. Soon after, the river rose quickly and washed up on its banks. My little friends and I use the underground root system woven into a huge net to protect the safety of mankind. Struggling through the relentless rain washed us, in the rain after the exhaustion of the head down. The Sun father-in-law saw US listless, quietly put the sun onto the earth, after receiving the sun moistened, we Standing Tall to stand up. The rice turned golden, the breeze blew, the wheat billowed, the wild goose flew, the wild goose left a voice. At this time I have no original vitality, I turned yellow, dry. But I can't die like this. I need to get more nutrients into the seed. When the wind blew, I flew. The wind took me to the motherland of the north and south, looking forward to next year can make the earth mother become more green. To me, it's extraordinary. We, do not have beautiful appearance, do not have charming fragrance, but we have a strong and tolerant heart, in our life road, there will be the ravages of the storm, will face all kinds of difficulties and setbacks, but we will face it positively, no running away. To overcome difficulties as a joy in life, to turn grief and indignation into power. Use this power to show your extraordinary self! Let us face each day with a positive and optimistic attitude, will become stronger, stronger, to be an extraordinary person!

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