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明天是每月一次的考试,虽然不是决定命运,但是年级排名,班级排名和名次,所有老师的评论,家长的轰炸... 足以让我们受苦。

要么我们愿意从错误中吸取教训,要么我们愿意承认自己的缺点,要么我们什么都感觉不到。 不管怎样,我们还是要面对现实! 你不能停止开夜车! 第二天,我机械地走进考场,端端正正地坐在座位上,等待监考老师。 我的脑子一片空白。 当我参加测试的时候,我的心怦怦直跳,我的头皮肿起来了,测试上的词在我眼前跳动。 我闭上眼睛,摇了摇头,以为老师说要冷静,先看看这个简单的问题。

所以睁开眼睛,集中精力看问题,挑几个小问题做。 这时,心理稳定下来了,回答的速度也快了。 可以做的问题就是做,再挑几个可能会造成不精确的问题。 同时调动一切精力,回忆老师是如何评论类似的题目,教科书是如何解释,东一耙西一扫帚,写尽可能多。 然后仔细给问题“面子” ,寻找突破口,努力解决它。 需要耐心,心脏又开始快速跳动,头脑也不是很灵活。 我不知道还能做什么,但我不想失败,所以我振作起来,重新审视这个问题,远离她回答了一个问题,我心情非常愉快。 真是太美了。

然而,事情并不总是完美的,有些问题我绞尽脑汁也没有用,这真的让我很沮丧。 90分钟过去了。 在“豆芽”的眼中搜索,并努力找出错误,哪怕是一点点。 这时喉咙仿佛卡住了胡椒,难受得要死。 走出考场,我们大力探索答案,分数,想知道成功的经验,失败的心情越来越高,心也挂了。 听完这些话后,我很难过。

直到结果公布,然后那一刻是一些快乐,一些悲伤。 测试,测试,那个味道啊,是甜的,是酸的,是苦的,还是辣的? 哦!

Tomorrow will be a monthly test, although not to determine the fate, but the grade ranking, class ranking and position, all the teachers comment, parents bombing... enough for us to suffer. Either we are willing to learn from our mistakes, or we are willing to admit our shortcomings, or we don't feel anything. In any case, WE STILL HAVE TO FACE THE MUSIC! You can't stop burning the midnight oil! The next day, I mechanically into the Examination Room, sat upright on the seat, waiting for the invigilator teacher. My mind goes blank. When I took the test, my heart was pounding, my scalp was swelling, and the words on the test before my eyes were jumping. I closed my eyes and shook my head, thinking that the teacher had said to be calm, look at the simple problem first. So opened his eyes to concentrate on a look at the problem, pick to do a few small problem. At this time, mental stability down, the speed of the answer is also fast. The problem that can do is done, pick again a few likely meeting and make inexact problem. At the same time mobilize all energy, recall the teacher is how to comment on similar topics, the textbook is how to explain, east a rake west a broom, write as much as possible. Then carefully give the problem "face" , looking for a breakthrough, and strive to solve it. Patience is needed, and the heart is beating fast again, and the mind is not very flexible. I didn't know what else to do, but I didn't want to fail, so I picked myself up, examined the question again, and Away from Her answered a question, and I was in a very happy mood. It's just so beautiful. However, things can not always be perfect, some problems I racked my brains to no avail, it really makes me frustrated. 90 minutes fly by. In the eyes of the "bean sprouts" on the search, and strive to find errors, even a little bit. At this time the throat as if stuck a pepper, uncomfortable to death. Out of the examination room, we vigorously explore the answers, scores, want to know the successful experience, the failure of the mood is increasing, the heart is hanging up. After hearing all the talk, I was upset. Until the results are announced, and then that moment is a few happy, a few sad. Test, test, that taste ah, is sweet, is sour, is bitter, or spicy? Oh!

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