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在月光下融化,轻轻拨动琴弦,钢琴音乐流淌出来。 虽然不是什么好听的声音,但这是我的心血结晶。

我记得六年前学习弹钢琴,不情愿地一遍又一遍地重复同样的音符,觉得这是世界上最无聊,最无聊的事情,这是一种折磨。 转眼间,春去春来,六年的时光已悄然串起这声音。 现在,却发现他们还没有摆脱这一段“秦元”的梦 . 学业越来越紧张,我没有时间“玩” ,害怕“失去信心”。 但是,这个陪伴了我六年,我怎么能放下它呢? 当你高兴的时候,你可以听到竖琴的音乐。 当你悲伤的时候,你可以听到竖琴的音乐。 当你悲伤的时候,你可以听到竖琴的音乐。

当你安静的时候,你可以听到竖琴的音乐。 当你悲伤的时候,你可以听到竖琴的音乐,已经成为我生活的一部分。 我记得当我的一个喜欢中国画的朋友告诉我她决定停止绘画时,我感到无法形容的惊讶。 问她为什么,她说她只是在为她的教育而奋斗。 从此,面前少了一个泼墨才女,多了一个埋头苦读的女孩。 也曾为她难过了好久,放下心爱的刷子,一定很郁闷! 然而,经常和她说话,却没有看到她的悲伤,她还是像以前一样,和我谈笑风生。 有一次我忍不住问她”你后悔放弃画画吗? ”

她收起笑容,一脸严肃地对我说: “暂时停下来,并不意味着放弃。 为了得到某些东西,有时会停下来做一个好的选择 她若有所思地看着我,忍不住笑道: “下次机会,我会拿起刷子,哈哈。” 轻轻拨弄琴弦,她的话语,仍然在我的脑海里。 是的,“付出与索取” ,面对人生的第一道坎,谁会放弃奋斗? 月光依旧明亮,树影婆娑,如破玉般洒下一场梦。 小心地调整音调,最后一曲演奏得淋漓尽致,指尖的情感充分流淌。

当我关上小提琴盒的时候,我的心情很平静。 我想,这是我的选择,为了无悔的青春和奋斗! 我相信我已经交了一张满意的答卷。

Melt under the moonlight, gently plucked strings, piano music flowing out. It's not a beautiful sound, but it's my heart's work. I remember learning to play the piano six years ago, reluctantly repeating the same notes over and over again, feeling that it was the most boring, boring thing in the world, it is a kind of torture. The twinkling of an eye, spring to spring, six years of time has been quietly string this sound. Now, but found that they have not shed this section of the dream of "Qin Yuan. ". Academic increasingly nervous, I have no time to "play" , fear "lose heart" . However, this accompany me for six years, how can I put it down? When you are happy, you can hear the music of the harp. When you are sad, you can hear the music of the harp. When you are sad, you can hear the music of the harp. When you are quiet, you can hear the music of the harp. When you are sad, you can hear the music of the harp, has become a big part of my life. I remember my indescribable surprise when a friend of mine who loved Chinese Painting told me that she had decided to stop painting. Ask Her why, and she says only that she is fighting for her education. From then on, in front of the less of a brush splash-ink talented woman, more of a buried in hard-read girl. Also once felt sorry for her for a long time, put down the beloved brush, must be very depressed! However, often talked with her, but did not see her sadness, she still as before, and I talk and laugh. Once I couldn't help asking her, "Do you regret giving up painting? " She put away her smile, a serious face said to me: "A temporary stop, does not mean to give up. Give something to gain, sometimes stop for a good choice. " Looked at me thoughtfully, she could not help laughing: "The next opportunity, I will pick up the brush, ha ha. " Gently fiddle strings, her words, still in my mind. Yes, "give and take" , the face of the first hurdle of life, who will give up the struggle? The moonlight is still bright, whirling trees shadow, such as broken jade-like aspersed a dream. Carefully adjust the pitch, the last play a song dripping profusely, the fingertips of the full flow of emotion. The moment I closed the violin case, my mood was calm. I think, this is my choice, for the REGRETLESS YOUTH AND STRUGGLE! I believe that I have handed in a satisfactory answer sheet.

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