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如果我有一对翅膀,我会飞到世界上最美丽的地方,我会轻轻地摘起花朵,闻到它诱人的芳香,我会静静地躺在地上,心之谷和草在耳边低语,我还请求鱼帮我在海里找到一种神奇的药剂——一种生长药剂。 如果我有一对翅膀,我会在光秃秃的山上撒上鱼给我的增长药水。

尽管我筋疲力尽,我还是会把药水洒在枯树上,当药水洒在干涸的溪流上,溪水涌上来,当我把药水洒在干涸的土地上,土地就充满了生机。 在这个时候是黄昏,我会立刻飞到太阳落山的地方,请太阳公公给一点灿烂的彩霞。 过了一会儿,月亮升起来了,我飞到了星妹身边,我希望它能给我一颗闪亮的小星星。

一切都结束了,我该回家了,我收回了他的翅膀,把他疲惫的身体拖回了家,我神秘地打电话给爸爸妈妈,在爸爸面前打开了一个小金盒子,一束金色的光在他爸爸的脑袋里充满了白色的头发,我爸爸为了我日日夜夜的白发消失了,我爸爸比我小几十岁。 我从口袋里拿出一个银色的小盒子,把它照在我母亲的脸上。 她眼睛周围的皱纹消失了,她的母亲成了一位年轻漂亮的母亲。

如果我有一对翅膀,在人们面前会发生很多美好的事情,他们永远不会知道那是我,一个有翅膀的可爱的小女孩,是谁做的! 我希望天空会来!

If I had a pair of wings, I would fly to the blue sky at dawn, to kiss the soft white clouds, to stroke the rainbow, to shake hands with the birds, to embrace the fog. If I had a pair of wings, I would fly to the most beautiful place in the world, I would gently pick up the flowers, to smell its enticing fragrance, I would lie down quietly on the ground, Whisper of the Heart and grass whisper; I also asked the fish to help me find a magical potion in the sea -- a growth potion. If I had a pair of wings, I would sprinkle the growth potion that the fish gave me on the bare mountain. Though I was exhausted, I would sprinkle the potion on the dead tree When the potion is spilled in a dry stream, streams of water spring up; when I sprinkle it on a dry land, the land is full of life. At this time is dusk, I will immediately fly to the place where the sun sets, ask the Sun father-in-law to a little brilliant rosy clouds. After a while, the moon rose, and I flew to the star sister side, I hope it can give me a little shining star. Everything is finished, I should go home, I took back his wings, dragged his tired body back home, I mysteriously called mom and Dad, in front of dad opened a small gold box, a bunch of golden light in his father's head full of white hair, my father for my day and night of white hair lost, my father a few decades younger. I took out a small silver box from my pocket and shone it on my mother's face. The wrinkles around her eyes were smoothed away and her mother became a beautiful young mother. If I had a pair of wings, there would be so many wonderful things happening in front of people that they would never know it was me, a lovely little girl with wings, who did it! I hope the sky will come!

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