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远处,当我们接近建建寺路和通惠路的交叉口时,我看到建建寺路的第一个左转弯处空无一人,没有任何车辆进入。 正当我迷惑不解的时候,一个场景出现在我的眼前,让我久久不能忘记: 一个不太高,戴着警帽,穿着工作服,手上戴着白色手套,一个警察叔叔弯着腰,双手推着一辆货车,他艰难地一步一步地向前走着,而小型货车,不时发出发动机启动的轰鸣声,而且不时发出黑色的废气,可能是由于缺乏动力,蓝色的小型货车有时根本不动,有时是由于警察叔叔的勉强推动和向前推一个滚动的轮子。

交通堵塞之后,警察叔叔就是这样一个人,努力地推着小货车。 我们的车也开得很慢,红灯变成了绿灯。 然而,在去兴趣班的路上,叔叔的背影一直在我的脑海中萦绕,久久不能忘怀。 我想: 这个叔叔真的很棒,他可以等路上的救援车辆来处理,但是他是为了能够尽快清理道路,不造成交通堵塞,冒着用自己的双手推动卡车的危险,不介意废气排放的危害,想到这里,我不禁为叔叔的一个交通警察,和他父亲的手机录下了美妙的瞬间。

1. 这一幕深深地印在我的脑海里,更坚定了我的梦想,人们因为梦想而飞翔,人们因为梦想而变得伟大: 在未来,我也想成为一名光荣的交通警察,因为他们无私的奉献,司机变得更文明,城市变得更美丽,道路变得更宽阔,


It was a rainy Sunday, my father sent me to Xiaoshan Children's Palace to study interest classes, because of the rain, the road is more congested, when we drove to the construction of the fourth road, every five hundred meters on a red light, the road is even more overburdened. Far Away, as we were approaching the intersection of Jianjiansi road and Tonghui road, I saw that the first left turn on Jianjiansi road was empty without any vehicles entering. As I was puzzled, a scene appeared in front of my eyes, let me not forget for a long time: A not too tall, wearing a police cap, wearing work clothes, hands with white gloves, a police uncle is bent, his hands to push the cart a van, he is walking hard step by step forward, and the minivan, from time to time issued the roar of motor starting, and from time to time emitted dark exhaust, probably due to lack of power, the blue minivan sometimes did not move at all, sometimes because of a police uncle's push and reluctantly forward a rolling wheel. After the traffic was over, an uncle of the police was just such a person, struggling to push the minivan. Our car also drove slowly as the red light changed to green. However, on the way to the interest class, the uncle's back has been in my mind for a long time can not be forgotten. I think: This uncle is really great, he can wait for the road to rescue vehicles to deal with, but he is in order to be able to clear the road as soon as possible, not to create a traffic jam, at the risk of using his own hands to push the truck, do not mind the harm of exhaust emissions, think of here, I can not help but put together a thumb for the uncle of a traffic police, and with his father's cell phone to record the wonderful moment... This scene has been etched in my mind, more firm my dream, people fly high because of dreams, people become great because of dreams: In the future, I also want to become a glorious one traffic police, because of their selfless dedication, drivers become more civilized, the city becomes more beautiful, the roads are wider, and if everyone in this city, like this policeman, thinks what others think and what they want, our society will surely become more civilized,

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