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我身边有很多热心肠的人。 他们到处为别人着想,当有人需要帮助时,他们会毫不犹豫地伸出援助之手。

我的邻居张阿姨就是这样的人。 她三十多岁,中等身材,圆圆的脸,明亮的眼睛,小小的嘴巴,一头黑色的卷发,总是穿着一条浅黄色的裤子。 尽管她穿着时髦的衣服,但她有一颗温暖的心。 她经常做一些对邻居方便的事情。 例如: 修理走廊的路灯,清理走廊的灰尘,照顾独居的老人... 但最让我感动的是: 去年暑假,我在院子里跳绳。 突然,我一个人摇摇晃晃,摔倒了,膝盖骨折了,立刻流血不止。 这时,疼痛的感觉让我几乎掉下了眼泪。 碰巧张阿姨当时正在消暑。 她快步跑过来,慢慢地把我抱起来,“乐乐,你是个坚强的小姑娘,别哭,”他说着,拍了拍我。

”我会带你去医务室,让医生给你包扎伤口” 就像遇到了救世主,眼泪消失了。 张阿姨抱着我,赶紧把我送到医务室,医生看了看,说我这是皮肤受伤,上面有点红药水。 事成之后,张大娘背着我回家了。

我们全家都很感激她,她连忙挥手说,都是村民,应该... 如果每个人都有一颗热心,世界就会变得美丽。

There are a lot of warm-hearted people around me. They think of others everywhere, when someone needs help they will not hesitate to lend a helping hand. My neighbor aunt Zhang is such a person. She was in her thirties, of medium height, with a round face, bright eyes, a small mouth, curly black hair, and always wore a pair of Pale yellow trousers. Despite her fashionable dress, she has a warm heart. She often does things that are convenient to her neighbors. For example: Repair the street lights of the corridor, cleaning the dust of the corridor, taking care of the elderly living alone... but the thing that moved me the most is: last summer vacation, I jump rope in the yard. Suddenly, I a stagger, fell down, the knee broke, immediately bleeding out. At this time, the feeling of pain made my tears almost fell out. It happened that aunt Zhang was cooling off at that time. She ran over at a quick trot and slowly picked me up, "Le Le, you're a tough little girl, don't cry, " he said, patting me down. "I'll take you to the infirmary and have the doctor bandage your wound. " It was like meeting a savior, and the tears went away. Aunt Zhang carried me, quickly sent me to the infirmary, the doctor looked, said I this is a skin injury, a little mercurochrome on it. After everything was done, aunt Zhang went back home behind my back. Our family is grateful to her, she quickly waved to say, are villagers, should be... if everyone has a warm-hearted, the world will be a beautiful.

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