Motherly love

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Without the help of selfless self-sacrifice of maternal love, the child's mind will be a desert. This kind of love accompanies me to grow up, also causes me to progress in the growth. At the beginning of school, I was very small, often by the shoulders of the heavy schoolbag pressure out of breath, my mother know, every time I went to school to pick up, helped me carry the heavy schoolbag,

this situation has continued for several years, my mother even made a habit of carrying my backpack for me. I like the birds every day after school as easily as "floating" home, and my mother is always carrying a heavy bag of books to follow me hard trotting. For a while, my mother's right arm was bone fracture and in a cast. So, I had to carry my own backpack every day. But one time I had a high fever and felt dizzy. Mother was very distressed, a grab the bag, then she put on a plaster less than a month, tired sweat from the forehead down. "Mom, it's too heavy! I'LL CARRY IT! " "It's not heavy at all! " Mom replied with difficulty. "I just carried, really heavy.

" "not heavy at all, really. " Later, I gradually grow up, do not need my mother to carry my backpack. Once, it was raining heavily, my mother took a train from Xiamen back, I went to the station to meet her. Mother came out of the station in the rain with her luggage. I immediately helped my mother to hold up the umbrella, grabbed her hand luggage, the direction of home. This scene can not help but remind me of my mother as a child carrying my backpack that scene. Mother was walking briskly under the umbrella, and my sweat was already with the rain. Mother saw it and insisted on grabbing my luggage: "It's too heavy, I'll do it! " I pretended to be insouciant, answer: "Not at all! " "Really, I just mentioned, very heavy!

" "Not at all, I can carry it, really! " I stubborn answer. I saw my mother's eyes moist, that is not rain, that is tears. Finally understand, so long, my mother gave me the bag is not only those heavy books, but also heavy love. In fact, my mother is using love to teach me how to care for others, this kind of love makes my once desert heart into a beautiful oasis. I always thought my Mother didn't love me. She always made me dinner and then woke me up. She always sent me to school without expression and left me dusty. She always told me to have a good lunch without expression, always poker face of the timely increase or decrease of my clothes, I am afraid of illness. Because the mother is always expressionless, never like other mothers to their children with a smile. So I think mother is not love me, I think I have a mother's love is a defect. Wait until I grew up,

I just understand, maternal love is a kind of blemish really, but it is not the way I think. Mother's young photos often have a smile on the mouth, the face is ruddy, vibrant. Why to become so expressionless, face tired, travel-stained? It is I, I made her have a heavy burden, not expressionless, but the face is engraved with vicissitudes of life, her face full of wind and frost is too tired, too much love me, so forget to dress herself, now I just understand the reason, understand the mother. Motherly love is a kind of defect, mother can accompany you at home, but can not accompany you in school; she can accompany you when you are young, but can not accompany you to go through your life. You can enjoy the mother's love time is too short, you can not experience the mother's love in life, you only know the great maternal love, the sweet mother; but you can not know the mother's small, sweet behind the heart. You can not know when your mother sat behind her, the wind blowing in the face, the rain hit the face of the piercing pain, you only know the comfort of sitting behind her, with a lollipop in his mouth, dreaming of a happy life. Your mother is right in front of you, but you do not know to hold her gently, tell her you love her. "The tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, the son wants to raise but the close does not wait. ". Maternal love is right in front of you, don't wait until it dissipates to cherish, don't wait until it thin to savor. Mother's life is fleeting,

love is eternal, but people can not always be. Cherish Mother's love, treat mother well, Mother's love is right in front of you. When I smiled at my mother before entering the school gate, I wouldn't know. My mother cried with relief. Motherly love in front of you, to Cherish Ah! All over the hills and fields, the gentle breeze, moistening the earth and all things is lingering drizzle, and warm people's heart is little by little love. Among the many kinds of love in the world, the most profound and pure love is maternal love. This kind of love is selfless love, eternal love, is meticulous love, unrequited love. Maternal love such as water, gentle and delicate; maternal love such as sugar, sweet honey. My mother not only gave me life, but also worked hard to nurture my growth, taught me how to be a person. Growing up, my mother paid too much for me. My mother is not only my teacher, but also my most sincere and intimate friend. When I fail, my mother will drum up our sails; when I succeed, my mother will share my achievements and joy; when I make mistakes, my mother will patiently set my course; When I was proud of a little success, my mother would teach me in detail. Mother, grow up on the road, you let me know what is called tolerance. Once upon a time, when I came back late, you stroked my head with warm hands and said, "the rice is hot, eat it. " Once upon a time, I stood in front of you with an unsatisfactory result in my hands, you just hold me and say: "never mind, next time, you will always be proud of my mother. " I know, that is tolerance. Mother, grow up on the road, your hands let me know what is called love. Whenever I come back from studying at night, I can always see a bright light waiting for me in your room. And the table will always put a bowl of fragrant, hot Chow Mein, at this time, I will put down my bag, came to the table to eat up, in the side of the mother see me eat so sweet, also know how to smile. I remember that every time it rained, you were always the first to bring me an umbrella, you said: "nothing, nothing. " You wiped the water drops on your hair, wiping the rain on your face. I know. It's mercy. Mother, grow up on the road, your hands let me know what is the Labor. You do all the work in the house except work every day, but you never cry, and hum a tune while you work. Your pleasant mood also immediately diffuses to me here, lets me forget the unhappy which in the study meets at once. You always let me do, said: "children,

the work of reading. " I can only be ordered, but only to see your thin hands kept busy, busy. I know. It's hard work. Mother, I seem to feel that a little of your white hair is for me; a little of your wrinkles are for me. Mother, you give me the love is the most real, the most persistent love, like the Blue Sky to guard the white clouds, like the forest to guard the birds. Mother, you are the most beautiful mother in my daughter's heart. Mother, I will always love you!

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