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在一个国家,什么才是最重要的? 是个好家庭吗? 错了! 这是国防,因为这是保证大家安全的唯一办法。

正因为如此,我小时候有一个美好的梦想,走在原子弹的道路上。 二十年后,我长大了,拥有了一个实验室,每天都在重复实验,就像被锁在一个大盒子里,与外界没有任何联系。 “99号实验! ” 我喊道。 我把一切都准备好了,一开始我以为会成功,但过了一会儿,传来巨大的噪音和黑烟,我爬了出来,准备再试一次。 第100个实验开始了,我吸取了教训,格外小心。

我把酒倒进了水里,忽略了杯子里有种化学物质,一旦与酒精结合,就会立刻点燃。 我一倒酒,就听到”砰”的一声,我的脸被烧伤了,其他东西也被烧伤了。 我被送到医院,休息了两个月,然后回去工作。 ”第一百零一个实验开始了! ” 我喊道。 开始了。 过去两个小时我一直在小心翼翼地做这件事。 我还没吃完,已经快午夜了,所以我很困,所以我不小心把硫磺换成了,其他更危险的化学物质。 几秒钟后,它爆炸了,所有的东西都成了废墟。 我挣扎着爬出了“实验室” ,被行人警报送进了医院。

在医院,我被带到手术室,全身13处烧伤,实验室也不见了。 我在医院住了一年左右,在那段时间里,我们建了一个新的实验室,但我觉得太危险了,准备放弃。 我回到家乡,在家里,我偶然发现了童年的日记,我打开一看,流下了悔恨的泪水。 决定继续我的事业,努力实现它。 我回到实验室,开始工作,一个小时,两个小时... 七个小时后,我完成了,我告诉发明协会,它成功了,我大声喊道。

一年后,我获得了诺贝尔发明奖,成为中国的第二个邓家贤。 只要你坚持下去,梦想不一定遥不可及。

What matters in the end in a country? Is it a good family? Wrong! It's national defense, because it's the only way to keep everyone safe. And because of that, I had a wonderful dream as a child -- to walk the path of the atomic bomb. Twenty years later, I became a big boy, I own a laboratory, every day is repeated experiments, as if locked in a big box, with no contact with the outside world. "experiment number ninety-nine! " I shouted. I got everything set up, and at first I thought it would work, but after a while, there was a loud noise and a cloud of black smoke, and I crawled out, ready to try again. The 100th experiment began, and I learned my lesson and was extra careful. I poured the alcohol into the water, ignoring the fact that there was a chemical in the cup that, when combined with alcohol, would ignite instantly. As soon as I poured the alcohol, I saw a "Bang" sound, my face was burned, other items were also burned. I was taken to the hospital, rested for two months, and went back to work. "The hundred and first experiment has begun! " I shouted. Here we go. I've been doing this very carefully for the last two hours. I hadn't finished, and it was almost midnight, so I was sleepy, which is why I accidentally switched from sulfur to other, more dangerous chemicals. A few seconds later, it exploded, and everything was in ruins. I struggled to climb out of the "laboratory" , was pedestrian alarm sent to the hospital. At the hospital, I was taken to the operating room, with 13 burns all over my body, and the lab was gone. I was in the hospital for a year or so, and during that time, we built a new lab, but I thought it was too dangerous and was ready to give up. I returned to my hometown, at home, I accidentally found the childhood diary, I opened a look, shed tears of remorse. Decided to pick up where I left off and try to make it happen. I went back to the lab, and I worked on it, one hour, two hours... seven hours later, it was done, I told the invention society, it worked, I shouted. A year later, I won the Nobel Invention Award, becoming China's second Deng Jiaxian. Dreams don't have to be out of reach, if you just hang in there.

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