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月是故乡明 茶是故乡浓 故乡的人 故乡的情

我想成为月亮的一天,不是为了炫耀荣耀,不是为了迷惑世俗的潮流。 一个人愿意成为耀眼的太阳,用它的光芒让世界惊奇;

一颗黑暗中的星星,用几点星光点缀夜空; 一轮白天的月亮,用微弱的光芒照耀,不眩目,不默默无闻,不追求耀眼的财富,不迷惑世俗的潮流。 月亮和古人,是故乡,是爱的回归。 再次沉没,我突然想起了家。 我所看到的只是落日的月亮,带着无限的情感摇晃着河岸边的树木。

这份相隔千里的可爱,是正直,是性格,是路遥的“即使没有月亮,心也是光明的” 是余秀华的《一个可以升起月亮的身体,一定要装满无数的日落》 余秋雨是“入夜后,什么都看不见月亮苦笑,躲进云里,投下一片废墟的影子” ... 对我来说,就是依靠,就是光明。 当我迷失的时候,我会在夜晚看着月亮。 月亮的性格和我的一样,我喜欢安静地工作,不卖弄。



.How much brighter the moonlight is at home. One is willing to be a dazzling sun, to amaze the world with its rays; a star in darkness, to adorn the night sky with a few points of starlight; a moon in the daytime, to shine with a faint light, not dazzled, not obscure, not in pursuit of dazzling wealth, don't confuse the secular trend. The moon and the ancients, is home, is the return of love. Sinking again, I suddenly remembered home. All I could see was the setting moon, shaking the trees along the Bank of the river with infinite emotion. This loveliness, separated by thousands of miles, is integrity, is character, lu Yao's "even if there is no moon, the heart is bright" is Yu Xiuhua's "a body that can raise the moon, must be filled with countless sunsets" Yu Qiuyu is "after dark, nothing can see the moon wry smile, hiding in the clouds, casting a shadow of ruin" ... For me, it's about reliance, it's about light. When I'm lost, I look at the moon at night. The Moon's character is the same as mine, I like to work quietly, do not show off. Sometimes, I think the moon's character is worth learning, in my eyes, the Moon is silent, quiet, I can never do, always make a fuss, can not calm down, always seems to float on the surface. So, I want to be a moon one day, live out their own style, live out a girl should have style

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