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Everyone says that my mother is very amiable, but if you ask me, she is not! As the saying goes, "On the day of June, a child's face changes when it is said." I think my mother's face becomes faster than the day in June! Don't believe me? Let me tell you something.

One night, I was doing my homework in my room, and somehow I was fascinated by the story at my desk. I was so absorbed in the novel that I forgot all my homework. My mother urged me again and again, but I turned a deaf ear to my mother's words. How time flies! It's 10 o'clock in the blink of an eye. My mother can't help it anymore, and she starts to fly into a rage. My mother was furious, even the grass shrank into the soil with fear, and the floret cried for help with fear. I don't need to say it, but it was even more nerve-racking. Finally, my mother did it, "snapped", slapping me, and I screamed in pain. My mother said angrily, "Look, my hands are swollen!" I thought to myself: Hum, what is yours? You beat me black and blue, and I limped when I walked! You still want me to say thank you! Really, my mother's hand is made of iron or steel. It hurts so much to hit people! Hum, it's true that only mother is bad in the world! The next day, my mother kindly said to me, "Beibei, do you know why I hit you? I hate iron to produce! How can you make progress in your study if you don't sleep so late, and you've ruined your health? Besides, that's bad for your eyesight! " After listening to my mother's words, I felt deeply. It seems that my mother is quite concerned about me.

Another time, I didn't do well in the exam. After school, I walked nervously on my way home, thinking, today is definitely not a good day, and I have to wait for my mother to scold me! The more I think about it, the more scared I am, and the slower I am. When I got home, my tears fell before my mother could speak. Unexpectedly, after reading the test paper, my mother not only didn't scold me, but also smiled and said to me, "Beibei, your exam is not ideal!" But it doesn't matter, the score is not the most important thing. You have to make up your mind, work harder and harder, overcome all difficulties, and strive for good results next time, okay? " I nodded, feeling relieved. Hey, it seems that only my mother is good in the world!

Look, this is my mother. Look, is she as changeable as a child's face in June?

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