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A few days ago, my mother bought me a book called Mao Dun: The Wild Goose Flying out of Midnight. This is a book that tells the story of pioneers in China, and I like it very much.

Mao Dun's original name was Shen Dehong, which was given to him by his great grandfather. I hope he will show his ambition in the future. Mr. Mao Dun wrote many books in his life, and this book tells the story of his childhood. Childhood and adolescence also let us know his life, his dreams and his ambitions.

Under an oil lamp, his mother became his first teacher. Interest in literature is like a small seed sprouting in his heart. He loves reading and writing. In the last school year of primary school, he wrote more than 30 compositions, more than 16,000 words, and used three whole composition books.

Mao Dun's spirit of loving reading and writing deeply touched me and inspired me. I like reading, too. I remember when I was two or three years old, my mother took me to the bookstore to read books and taught me how to read. From reading pictures to reading without pictures at first, I would read the words on billboards one by one when I went to the street, otherwise I would stay there. At present, there are 300-400 popular science books such as "100,000 Why", history books such as "A Brief History of the World", geography books such as "China Geography" and "World Geography", and various literary books. I have read two or three hundred books.

I like reading and writing. Writing has become something I must do every day, from which I can record good words and sentences, and combine people and things around me to write from my own personal experience. This summer vacation, I published two essays, The Great Writer of My Family and Companionship is the Best Love in the World, and I earned one hundred yuan!

Mr. Mao Dun has high aspirations all his life, just like a swan, flying from the horse head wall of Wuzhen alley, flying out at midnight and flying into the light. It has become my ideal to be an excellent writer like Mr. Mao Dun. I want to take him as an example in life and grow from a young boy to a useful person to society!

At present, I will study hard and write hard, as he did when he was a child, and strive to write more and better articles, constantly improve my writing ability and strive to realize my ideal as soon as possible.