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Life will always encounter bumps and setbacks, and only by making every effort can we get out of the predicament and usher in success. -Inscription

I stood under the cliff again. The 30-meter-high cliff, with small protrusions on the surface, was scorched by the sun. In the wide rock climbing site, my figure is particularly small.

Tighten the rope and I began to climb. The wind is blowing, and it is a scorching heat wave. I began to sweat, and my hands became slippery, and I couldn't hold the raised climbing point tightly. Gradually, my arms and legs began to ache, and I became more and more tired and out of control. I fell on the hot cliff and felt the sweat dripping down my forehead.

After a short rest, I gently moved my numb and swollen feet. Under the scorching sun, I feel I have no strength to continue climbing. "What should I do, give up?" I asked myself in despair. A small voice from the bottom of my heart said, "It's too hard."

I really want to get back to the ground quickly, so the suffering will be over. But suddenly I hesitated again, looked up and looked up, and I still wanted to climb to the top. That's my yearning and my goal! Sweat flowed into my eyes, and my eyes blurred and I couldn't see the top of the cliff.

No! No way! Never give up! I bite my teeth and cheer myself up in my heart-try my best to fight, and I can't give up easily! I gasped, and my brain kept telling myself: "Three moves, no over the head of my arm … three moves, no over the head of my arm …"

I sweated more and more, and my clothes were soaked. I blinked hard and squeezed salty sweat out of my eyes to see the goal ahead. My mouth and nose are extremely dry and short of water, and my whole body looks burnt, my hands and feet are no longer at my beck and call, and my brain is exhausted.

Going up again, every step is very difficult, every time I raise my hand is very slow, and I have to rest for half a day for every little bit ... Sweat on my face and body is mixed with dust, which is sticky and wrapped around me, and my fingers are full of dirt. I only repeat one sentence in my heart: "Try your best to fight!" I climbed up mechanically step by step, crawling ...

When I raised my hand again and groped upward, what I touched was no longer a rough rock surface, but a horizontal surface! I suddenly looked up and saw flowers and sand at the top of the cliff! I finally succeeded!

Try my best to fight, I beat myself, gained success and beauty, and gained a kind of confidence and courage. I know that this confidence and courage will give me endless strength in the future life.

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