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Sweet clothes and angry horses, asking for heaven and exploring the sea. It's a real teenager that everything you look at is Chinese.


Fresh clothes, when they go, are still angry horses.

Great China, groping in the blood pool, finally touched the deep shadow of the twentieth century. If the country is absent, the home will be gone. The Great Wall, which protects the world, only nurtures the lonely wilderness where vitality is hard to find.

Fortunately, a group of teenagers rose against the light and woke up for their country. In the wilderness, I shouted the rhetoric of "students are innocent, patriotism is innocent", and I will fight to the death to protect Qingdao. Warlords are sinister, so they sit through the prison; The government was powerless and burned Paris.

The year of Qiao Yan is prolonged, holding the hands of parents, breaking the wall, and chasing only the rays of the glow in the East. They were the first people to wake up, but they fell before dawn and were still teenagers when they left. They look for light in the back light, but they never remember that they are light. Under the sea of stars today, every ray of light is engraved with their names. Because, they have become what teenagers should look like.

Ask for heaven, return, and explore the sea with your heart.

Under the red flag, in the spring breeze, I was born lucky, just in time for prosperity. My generation of teenagers are fortunate to meet such an era, and meet the wisdom accumulated by mankind for thousands of years. The mountains and rivers are safe and the stars are not asked. Thank you, the gift of the times. From childhood, explore freely, and childhood is the year of no doubt. Don't be confused about what it is, don't be confused about why. What I love is life.

Fortunately, it is us and the times. A new generation of teenagers, turn the traditional into vitality, turn their passion into professionalism, and turn the national into the world. With a cultural heritage of 5,000 years, it shows the cultural self-confidence of asking for the sky and exploring the sea, and interprets "gentlemen are harmonious but different, beauty and beauty are common" in a more profound form. With the youngest body of this era, it has integrated the most diverse and profound culture, beliefs and concepts.

Quest for the sky and explore the sea, uninhibited in the heart, but trapped in the country. With us, the world loves China more, because we are the most beautiful scenery in this country; With us, youth is no longer confused, but fearless, because we dance with the sea and the sky. We don't have to live in the imagination of our predecessors. They can't imagine what our teenagers look like, because we have lived as teenagers should.

The mark of history has been painted, the dance steps of teenagers are still going on, and all the beauty of the world is still going on. What China is waiting for is a fresh-clothed angry horse that explores the sea; What teenagers are waiting for is the splendid China, the stars and the sea. This is what a teenager should look like ...

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