掌声 Applause

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I am a fish, a fish swimming in the sea. Day After Day, I feel my breath strangled in endless oppression, my tears dried up in the bitter sea, and my melancholy swallowed me up like quicksand... I am an ant, an ant shuttling between city towers, looking at the crowd coming and going, I hide behind a mask to taste a person's lonely world... I have tears, but do not want to throw it in front of the public, do not want anyone to see my vulnerability; I long for success, long for applause, in the piano room, very quiet, I opened the door, sitting in front of the piano, stroking the black and white keys, heart B ripples of happiness-only then, I can find myself and confidence. Hands Jump, notes from the fingertips, the vast piano room flowing with a happy song, wrapped in a thick sweet, hit my heart, as if the world only piano and I, I am very intoxicated, because there is music... the end, i looked up in surprise, and there was a boy leaning against the door. "really, you play so well; I thought you were cold, but under the black mask there is such a lovely you, you are also red, it's nice to know you again! " With applause and encouragement, he left, leaving me stunned and a heart that seemed to be flattered. That burst of applause, put on a sweater for my heart, a sweater woven with understanding, care and encouragement, at that moment, a burst of tears impulse... at night, I dreamed. It was a colorful dream, a dream without tears, a dream full of applause... on the stage I sat in front of the piano, skilled fingers played a piece of happy music; under the stage, the applause thundered, the crowd gathered, they all clap for my passion, cheer, cheer... applause, the real applause vibrates my eardrum, I have the joy and the feeling of success for the first time, the dream is sweet... at school, I saw that boy again, he gave me a note: "You too will yearn for success and applause, believe in yourself, dare to try to be successful. ". Open your heart, take off your mask of indifference, you are also the best, the most lovely girl. Applause, on the front, believe in yourself, your tomorrow will be better! The Sun always shines!"A few words, invaded my innermost feelings, it seems that there are a few drops of hot liquid dripping down my cheeks, broken... but I clearly see the rise of the dream, carrying my heart surging emotions, fly to the distance... I feel the Sun rubs into my days, applause, and lingering in the ear, mask, broken..

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